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The height of a street light pole is lower than that of a solar street light
[ Release time:2018/3/21  Read:2724Times ]

Now many old districts, in lighting lighting, there are many lack of lighting poles, because the road is relatively dark, causing many residents to travel is very inconvenient, the latest: according to national road lighting design standards, residential districts, generally along the road alone Side light poles, 20 to 30 meters to set a street light, light poles also control the brightness of the incident light.

In fact, many old districts have small distances between buildings, and the roads are not as horizontal and vertical as the new ones. The main point of setting points is to see the needs of residents. There are lighting dark areas where demand, electrical wiring is drawn, and the construction conditions are met. Lighting Light poles are generally listed in the lighting plan. There are two types of street lights installed, and the floor space is in line with the installation of street light poles. The installation of garden lights is also available. If poles cannot be erected, they can be installed on the wall or on existing light poles. These have shown that the rhythm of people’s lives is constantly accelerating, and people’s quality of life is constantly improving. A few days ago, a customer asked me about the installation of lighting poles in the community, and how to arrange the spacing between the lights. I think many customers have such questions. I would like to talk to you about how they should be laid out. spacing.

(1) Height: The height of a street light pole is generally lower than that of a solar street light. The height of a solar garden light in a community is slightly lower than that in a park. The general height is between 2.5 meters and 4 meters. The height is determined. According to the style of residential buildings, the style of the solar garden lights should also be determined according to whether the building has high buildings or the like.

(2) Spacing: The spacing of lighting poles is determined according to the type and height of lighting used, generally within 10 meters.

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