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Company culture

A great company has a soul. The reason why great companies are evergreen is because they all have an inner spiritual power. This inner spiritual power is the core value of a company. The company’s core values will eventually become a support. The company's core competitiveness. Genesis Radio and TV is such a company with its own unique corporate core values.

Corporate vision:Make a great business

Entrepreneurial spirit:Dedication, integrity, teamwork, innovation

Dedicated to career development:Dedicated work is a spirit dedicated to the cause. It is a professional spirit that constantly challenges and challenges the self and pursues perfection.

Integrity ---- based on this:Integrity is the foundation for companies and employees to settle down. It is both a moral concept and a legal norm.

Team - the root of excellence:The team is a kind of good career realm with a cooperative spirit, an interactive concept that is open to each other.

Innovation ---- the source of development:Innovation emphasizes constantly surpassing the past, constantly exploring new methods in the work, continuously making progress, and surpassing oneself.

Corporate strategy:Faster, more efficient, and more competitive.

Faster response:Do the work for the first time under the premise of doing right.

More efficient work:Do work well and quickly.

More competitive:Pursuit of perfection, beyond self.

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